A Painter from Bankya Donated a Sculpture

The painter from Bankya Stoyan Mirchev made a donation on the occasion of the Day of the Bulgarian Revivals sculpture of a bird under the title "Flight of the heart". The designer's intention is deep and full of symbolism. Looking at the entrance of the Rotonda Park, - at the painting of the bird there is a heart engraved - an allusion of Bankya as a place where hearts are being healed - literally and figuratively. At the opening, Stoyan Mirchev revealed another concept: the bird, a symbol of movement, returns to grow-up its little ones where it is born originally. This corresponds to the modern situation in Bulgaria and this bird is an invitation to those abroad to come home. Mayor Rangel Markov and municipal councilor Anna Stoykova congratulated the artist and thanked him for another donation made to Bankya last year - animal sculpture, joy and fun for the youngest in the Kesteni Park.
The generosity of Stoyan Mirchev does not end here. He also intends to help Bankya still and to inspirit with more of his own works, which means that the Revival spirit in Bankya is alive.

Media link : https://www.actualno.com/art/hudojnik-ot-bankja-dari-skulptura-news_642130.html