About us

" I Love BG " is a foundation that was established and works for the Bulgarian nation.

Its general goal is the connection and unification of powers in order to support our people to live better in our unique country.

We are active in every field where there is possibility to benefit our people: from support of children with special needs, through medical assistance in cooperation with the Bulgarian Red Cross as well as supporting children and families in dangerous conditions, supporting the municipal institutions and up to personal assistance.

Join us today! The more the members of " I Love BG " grow in number, the more powerful our ability to influence becomes.

Together we can make a difference!

It only takes a minute of your time to join us and you are united with many looking for to make a difference.

Here you will be able to support petitions and to make requirements to the leaders of our country and its institutions.

Here you are not alone any more in front of the system.

Here your power is bigger.

Join us now.