The vision from the president of foundation I Love BG

Sisters and Brothers of the people of Bulgaria,

Our Vision is to unite the Bulgarian Nation under the wings of mutual respect, love and social involvement; to awaken the nobel qualities of our people: mildness, generosity, warmth, tenderness and the will for mutual aid existing in the soul of each Bulgarian; to expose to the World the beauty of the Bulgarian people, the beauty of the Bulgarian country and its culture and therefore to raise the image of Bulgaria and awaken the pride of being Bulgarian - a warm, caring and loving community.

We are a wonderful nation, possesing an amazing country with roots of an astonishing culture! Let us unite and provide the World with a role model!

Join us today! Each and one of you is important to us!

Respectfully yours,

Avinoam Katrieli,


 The goals

1.  To expose the uniqueness of each Bulgarian as a generous and warm personality.

2.  To expose our people, the Bulgarian nation, openly accepting with warmth personal and business guests.

3.  To expose the amazing beauty of our country.

4.  To generate circles of mutual aid inside our people.

5.  To deal with humanitarian assistance and activities.

6.  To expose and advertise the Wonders of Bulgaria.

7.  To attract investors and tourists to Bulgaria.

8.  To share with every Bulgarian the responsibility for the image of the Bulgarian nation and country.

9.  To implement inside us the understanding that in order for the country to be able to do for us, each and every one of us has          to do for the country.

10. To sound the voice of each and every one of our people and to join every effort for the sake of our country.

11. To support our disabled and help them become integrated part of our society.

12. To remind and to remember to support and to assist our elderly that managed to bring us up to here as well as our children,         being our future.