Nurseries and kindergartens free of charge

In order to encourage parents to enroll their children from an early age in the nursery and kindergartens education process, the Municipality of Dalgopol completely abolished the fees for these establishments. The fees are now at the expense of the municipality and valid for the four kindergartens in this municipality. "Is this not innovation in the sphere of social care?", commented Mr. Katrieli, President of Foundation "I love Bulgaria". The fees for kindergartens in Dalgopol are canceled with the hope more children to be included in the educational process at an earlier age, said Ferhat Hasan, Head of "Humanitarian activities and education" in the Municipality Dalgopol. He added that on the territory of the municipality there are 4 kindergartens with three branches. "According to a proposal of the Mayor of Dulgopol Municipality Georgi Georgiev and with a decision of the Municipal Council - Dalgopol, the fees in the kindergartens, which amounted to BGN 35, were canceled. This is an additional incentive for parents to allow their children to attend kindergartens and begin their participation in the educational process from an early age. "This will extend the reach of children who do not attend kindergartens", said Ferhan Hasan.
The amount of canceled fees in the kindergartens will be at the expense of the Municipality of Dalgopol.