The cases of adoption of stray animals in the shelters in Bulgaria increase

The increasing of the cases of adoption of stray animals in the shelters in Bulgaria and the subsequent care for them is another proof of the warmth of Bulgarian nature, which can be measured in the attitude towards others, including in the care of the stray and suffering animals, such as stray dogs in the shelters, said Mr. Katrieli, President of Foundation "I love Bulgaria". The number of dogs that are adopted by shelters grow in the country. This summary made the spokesperson of the shelter "Animal Rescue Sofia", Stella Raycheva for "Darik". A dog with 380 stitches on his body in result of a surgical experiment, is among the victims who have been into the shelter of her NGO. In the shelters most animals arrive after being crashed by vehicles, but there is a big number of mistreated animals too, Raicheva said. According to her, more and more people adopt dogs from a shelter. While two dogs were adopted in 2009, 20 animals now find their owners and home on a monthly basis. Many of the animals that are rescued from "Animal Rescue Sofia" are victims of unheard human cruelty, Raicheva explained. Dogs in shelters are no worse than those in breeding and pet shops, Raicheva pointed out. She urged the people who decided to take a pet to look for it in a shelter.