Athletes Emil Buzov and Yanko Kotev from Sandanski started painting the equipment under the temple in the region of Turichka church in Pirin mountain

Curved and rusty bridges will be renewed with new ones after a signal by citizens, the Municipality said.

The athletes Emil Buzov and Yanko Kotev from Sandanski started to repair with their own means the equipment of the soccer field nearby to Church "St. Trinity". They both left their motorcycles in Turikata Church in the Pirin mountain, and carrying in their packs no food but some paint and brushes, they went to refresh the equipment below the temple. Many years ago, it was  a lovely place, and the children were playing full-summer at school time, reminded old Sandanski' citizens. It is now in neglected condition and the bridges are curved and rusted. The Municipality headed by Mayor Kiril Kotev took the initiative after a signal from the citizens to replace them completely and eventually reach the resort area of ​​Sandanski.