14 Photographers present the ancient customs of Bulgaria in Budapest

The custom of "Male Horo /round dance/ in Kalofer", held every year on January 6 and included in the upcoming exhibition of the Association of Professional Photographers, which will be opened in Budapest on 18 January 2018. The exhibition is entitled "Ancient Traditions and Customs from Bulgaria" and will be exhibited in the Hungarian capital with the assistance of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute - Budapest. His photographs will be presented by Alexander Mihaylov, Anni Petrova, Anastas Tetrapanov, Bogdan Stoyko, Vladimir Machochov, Evgeni Dimitrov, Ivan Vassilev, Yordan Yordanov, Lilia Yotova, Petar Abadzhiev, Radila Radilova, Stefan Markov, Tihomira Metodieva - Tihic, Tzvetan Tomchev.

The exhibition presents a masterful view into unique Bulgarian traditions such as fire-dancing (ancient, pagan dances with bare feet on coals), kuker rituals (dancers with scary masks, anciant  bells, dressed in sheep leather), playing as a competition with bagpipes, lazars (spring dances of unmarried males in the river (in the icy waters of Yordanov day), a horse race on the occasion of Todorov day ...

Among the 30 lens masterpieces, were shot a grape harvest, costumes from different parts of Bulgaria, crafts and other traditions and some of them are included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. The opening ceremony will be attended by the members of APF Alexander Mihailov, Anastas Turpanov and Tsvetan Tomchev. The exhibition "Ancient Traditions and Customs from Bulgaria" is granted with the kind support of Bulgarian Cultural Institute - Budapest. So far, the exhibition has been staged in Moscow and in the capital of Republic Tatarstan - Kazan. The Association of Professional Photographers is a non-governmental organization, focused on the unification, protection and protection of the copyright and labor rights of professional photographers in Bulgaria. With its activity, the APF aims to become a platform for exchanging contacts, ideas and knowledge between colleagues of a national and global scale.

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