A Monument of Pencho Slaveikov Was Opened in Milan

A monument-bench of Pencho Slaveikov was opened in Milan, BNR reported.

The Bulgarian Ambassador to Rome Todor Stoyanov and the Bulgarian Consul General in Milan Tanya Dimitrova opened the monument.

The event was attended by representatives of the municipalities of Milan and Sofia, former Italian ministers and cultural representatives.

The monument, created by the sculpturist Adrian Novakov's, is located in a beautiful garden in the heart of Milan, in which many people pass through on a daily basis. It is just a few meters away from the Palazzo Sormani Main City Library, where Pencho Slaveikov's personality was introduced in the presence of many guests.

Ambassador Todor Stoyanov welcomed the attendees and the director of the Culture Directorate of the Sofia Municipality Bilyana Genova named Slaveikov as an European intellectual whose work connects Bulgaria and Italy forever.

Professor Emil Dimitrov from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences presented Slaveikov's life and work.

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