Survey: Bulgarians among the happiest employees in the world

Our country ahead of France, Britain and the US on this indicator.

Bulgarian employees are happier than the French, the Spanish, British and American. This at least shows global happiness index of the working environment, prepared by the Swedish consulting firm Universum.
The study has covered over 200 thousand professionals from 57 countries worldwide. Respondents are mainly staff with experience at so called STEM disciplines: science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
Three factors were considered in the study: employee satisfaction, willingness to recommend their current employer and the employee likely to leave their current jobs in the near future.
So it turns out that Bulgaria occupies 15th place in the ranking, ahead of countries like France, Spain, Britain, Italy, Canada and USA.
The happiest employees are in Denmark. In the top 10 there is only one country outside Europe - Costa Rica. The most unhappy employees are in India, Kuwait and Ghana.